The Little SAS® Enterprise Guide® Book helps turn ‘I think I can’ into ‘I knew I could’

Completely rewritten edition of the how-to book helps users navigate the point-and-click environment of SAS Enterprise Guide, including its newest features

Nearly 90 years after its publication, the moral of The Little Engine That Could remains universal: With a bit of bravery and self-belief, you can conquer whatever mountains you face. To conquer towering mountains of business data, SAS® Enterprise Guide® users need only The Little SAS Enterprise Guide Book and some hands-on practice to turn what they think they can do into what they’ve already done.

Award-winning authors Susan J. Slaughter and Lora D. Delwiche, both expert SAS programmers, first teamed up in 1992 to write The Little SAS Book: A Primer, one of the all-time best-selling books on SAS programming. The duo went on to write several other SAS publications, including the first edition of The Little SAS Enterprise Guide Book in 2005.

Slaughter and Delwiche completely rewrote and updated this latest edition of their how-to guide to include features from SAS Enterprise Guide 7.13, the most recent release of the popular analytic software. The book’s first section walks readers through a series of self-contained, illustrated tutorials. After mastering the point-and-click basics of SAS Enterprise Guide, users will learn step-by-step how to create reports, work with data in the query builder and join data files.

The handy reference information in section two is neatly organized into eight chapters exploring 67 different topics – from just-getting-started tasks like maximizing and splitting the workspace to more advanced skills like producing complex reports and working with data filters. Each topic is explained in two facing pages, succinctly adding depth to the tutorials and specific functionality. A new chapter focuses on features to help both new and experienced SAS programmers such as integrated syntax help, automatic formatting, and creating a process flow from a SAS program.

SAS Enterprise Guide is a menu- and wizard-driven tool that gives non-programmers and programmers alike easy access to much of the functionality of SAS Analytics. The Windows-based software enables users to write code, analyze data and publish results via a user-friendly, visual and customizable interface.

The Little SAS Enterprise Guide Book is available at the SAS Publishing bookstore.

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