SAS collaboration with Radica offers comprehensive CRM Analytics Solution tailored for Hong Kong businesses

In-depth customer behavioral analysis to enhance campaign cost efficiency

Hong Kong (March 10, 2015)

SAS collaboration with Radica

SAS Hong Kong announced a new collaboration with Radica Systems Limited, to introduce a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Analytics Solution for businesses in Hong Kong. Mr. Cliff Wu, President of SAS Greater China (Center), Mr. Wilson Ho, General Manager of SAS Hong Kong (second from the right), Mr. Wilfred Wah, Chief Operations Officer of SAS Hong Kong, and Ms. Wallis Chan, Director of Sales & Service, Radica Systems Limited (second from the left).

SAS, a leader in business analytics software and services, today announced a new collaboration with Radica, as part of the company’s expansion strategy, to offer its comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Analytics Solution. This latest total campaign management solution, integrating SAS‘s core technology capabilities in Advanced Analytics and Radica’s specialties in Big Data marketing, provides Hong Kong businesses with in-depth customer behavioral analysis and helps them achieve a more sophisticated customer experience with lower campaign cost by making timely and relevant marketing offers to target customers.

“This new partnership with Radica demonstrates our commitment to the augmentation of our Big Data marketing campaign management capability,” said Wilson Ho, General Manager of SAS Hong Kong. “With this combined solution, businesses can manage customer retention, control marketing and campaign costs, and gain better visibility of their marketing campaign using a single, hassle-free platform.”

“As a long-time authorized partner for SAS Campaign Management solution implementation, our expertise in Big Data marketing and strong customer insights are key in this partnership which is well suited to the needs of different industries in today’s dynamic and complex business and marketing landscape in the mobile and Internet era,” said Ms. Wallis Chan, Director, Sales & Service, Radica Systems Limited.

Benefits of CRM Analytics Solution

  • In-depth customer behavioral analysis – The CRM Analytics Solution integrates SAS’s core technology capabilities in Advanced Analytics and Radica‘s expertise in Big Data Marketing, offering businesses in-depth customer behavioral analysis. The unmatched analytical capabilities help enterprises turn meaningful customer dialogue into long-term loyalty, enabling them to make timely and relevant marketing offers to uniquely targeted customers and create more customized campaigns with less hassle.

  • Higher efficiency – Through the SAS CRM Analytics Solution, businesses and service providers can gain better understanding of the needs of target customers and how they would like to be contacted, reducing the production of irrelevant marketing communications and achieving effective communications with their customers, eliminating inefficiencies and duplication of effort.

  • Better visibility – With Radica’s expertise in multi-channel email marketing solutions including email, SMS, mobile chat app and social media, SAS can fill the gaps in orchestrating complex campaign planning. Using Marketing Automation to analyze large volumes of data and getting instant results through Visual Analytics simplifies the complexity of multi-channel campaign planning.


Backed by SAS Marketing Automation and Visual Analytics technologies, the new CRM Analytics Solution is now generally available for marketers in Hong Kong, with supporting marketing consultation services provided by Radica.

Mr Cliff Wu spoke at the event

Mr. Cliff Wu, President of SAS Greater China, shared the latest industry trends and the company’s business strategies at the event.


Mr. Wilson Ho, General Manager of SAS Hong Kong, reviewed SAS Hong Kong’s plans in 2015.

Mr. Wilson Ho, General Manager of SAS Hong Kong, reviewed SAS Hong Kong’s plans in 2015.

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