SAS® Forum China 2015: Explore the road to success with Big Data

Successful conclusion to SAS® Forum China 2015

Hong Kong (June 18, 2015)

Themed “Beyond Big Data – Actions & Innovation”, the third SAS® Forum China, which took place today in Beijing, focused on Big Data application in a variety of industries. The forum provided innovative insights and successful case studies on enhancing productivity through the power of data analytics, shared by 1,000 SAS global Big Data experts, customers, business partners, industry analysts, academics and members of the media.

Big Data – From Concept to True Value

Since its inception, the ability and importance of Big Data in reconstructing traditional businesses has never been questioned. Inspired by pioneers who gained significant advantages from exploring and implementing Big Data analytics, more and more enterprises are beginning to set up Big Data infrastructures, and are now transforming Big Data concepts into true value.

Mr Cliff Wu, President of SAS Greater China

“As a world-leading company in Big Data analytics, SAS concentrates its efforts in trying to maximize the value of analytics in the Big Data chain. We keep abreast of emerging technologies and we cooperate with partners to explore new ways to deploy data analytics. We believe agility is key for enterprises which take the journey in Big Data implementation, and fruitful returns will be enjoyed by explorers who dare to break through and innovate,” said Mr. Cliff Wu, President of SAS Greater China, in his opening speech at the Forum.


Mr Jim Davis, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of SAS

Mr. Jim Davis, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of SAS, summarized the opportunities brought by the development of the Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud and mobility to Big Data analytics, “As data continues to grow exponentially from new channels, enterprises are required to reconsider ways to store and handle data. Hadoop is an open, flexible and highly effective open source framework, which is gaining popularity among an increasing number of enterprises deploying Big Data infrastructures. Despite the changes enterprises face, SAS, which has specialized in business analytics for nearly 40 years, will always help our customers find the best solution to obtain insights from data in a faster way,” said Mr. Davis.

The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to proliferate. IDC forecasts that, in 2020, over 30 billion devices will be connected to the IoT. Mr. Thomas Roehm, Senior Director of the Global Industry Practices of SAS, remarked, “IoT-related technologies have brought rapid, extensive and significant changes to different industries. The Internet will flourish with our full understanding of the data in it. Through real-time collection and analysis of data from both equipment and the management system, the enterprise can respond to the environment and make business decisions, quickly, based on the actual situation. In the manufacturing industry, IoT analytics provides timely guidance on making product quality improvements, energy savings and equipment maintenance decisions.”

In addition, Customer Intelligence is an important area of focus for SAS. Big Data has torn down the barriers of multi-channel data, and truly enabled omni-channel marketing. Ms. Irene Xu, Practice Lead for Customer Intelligence, SAS North Asia, illustrated the importance of building a centralized Customer Decision Hub using an example from the financial industry, “Along with the development of technology, more channels now are available for enterprises to communicate with customers. Setting up a Customer Decision Hub enables us to get a comprehensive 360-degree view of customers with data from all touch points. It helps the enterprise ensure consistent information during interaction with customers on multiple platforms, enriching the customer experience. To ride the waves of financial innovations, it is crucial to set precise marketing strategies based on customer DNA in order to create competitive advantages in the market.” The conference also showcased SAS’ risk intelligence, including an array of products encompassing transaction fraud detection and analytics, data management and fraud analytics, risk control and compliance solutions, as well as High-Performance Analytics solutions across multiple industries. "With the rise of Internet banking and the steady development of interest rate liberalization, the banking industry is entering the critical transformation period. We have always believed that stringent risk control is a prerequisite for business innovation," said Ms. Jenny Liu, Practice Lead, Risk Management, SAS North Asia. "SAS works closely with customers, providing a comprehensive combination of functions tailored to meet the specific needs of banks, and inspiring more sophisticated management models through intelligent data management and High-Performance Analytics."

Agility is key – Address to the challenges with innovation

According to an IDC report, SAS holds a 35.4% market share in the field of advanced and predictive analytics, higher than the total share for those ranking second to sixth in the same report, highlighting its leading market position. SAS continues its efforts to respond to changes with innovation, and delivers value to enterprises via data analytics. 

With the growth and expansion of the Hadoop ecosystem, SAS provides solutions and products, including the SAS® Data Loader for Hadoop, SAS/ACCESS® Interface to Hadoop, SAS® In-Memory Statistics for Hadoop, SAS® Visual Analytics and SAS® High-Performance Analytics, which are based on the Hadoop infrastructure. This year, Huawei announced its partnership with SAS in developing an enterprise-grade Big Data platform for the Hadoop infrastructure, FusionInsight. With the help of SAS’ analytics capability, the platform can conduct modelling with more than a million dimensions of data, and perform real-time analytics and mining.

SAS® Visual Analytics added over 2,000 new installation points in 2014, enabling greater convenience for enterprises in understanding their data with intuitive and interactive displays.

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