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Schedule a task

Learn how to schedule a task to be published once you have finished updating the task.   


If you are finished updating your task, specify when the task should be published. You can either publish the task immediately or set a start date.

To publish the task, on the Orchestration tab, perform one of these actions:

  • Click Mark Ready when you are finished updating the task but do not want to publish the task. This action changes the status of the task from Designing to Ready. Click Return to Designing if you need to revert to the previous status.
  • Click Mark Ready and Publish or Publish without setting a schedule if you want the task to deliver content immediately. When you publish a task without a schedule, that task immediately starts delivering content to a spot and has an Active status. The task does not stop delivering content or collecting data until you manually end it. The task cannot be returned to Ready or Designing.
    Note: A task does not deliver content until it is published and has an Active status.
  • Click Schedule task and set a start date and an end date for the task. Then click Mark Ready and Publish or Publish. This action changes the status of the task to Scheduled. When the start date is reached, the creatives are delivered to the spot, data is collected, and the task’s status changes to Active. The task cannot be returned to Ready or Designing. When the start date is reached, the task’s status changes from Scheduled to Active.
    Note: If your task has a Ready status Ready and a start date, the task is not automatically published when the start date is reached. A task must be published in order for the start date to activate the task.

Changes that are made to a scheduled or active task are not automatically propagated to the published version of the task. If you update an active or scheduled task, republish the task after you save it to resolve the Out of Sync status. If the task is not republished, it stays out of sync with the published version and the updates are not delivered.

When the end date of a task is reached, its status changes to Completed. Completed tasks cannot be modified. The task stops any associated data collection and makes the task’s content unavailable. In addition, any unsaved changes are lost.

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