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Define mobile events

Learn how to use mobile events to define an event when a visitor interacts with a mobile application.


Use mobile events to define an event when a visitor interacts with a mobile application. The system uses a unique event ID to identify the event. For best results, create an event ID that is similar to the corresponding event name. For example, if your event name is Exited Region 1, you might use the event ID Exited_Region_1.

  1. From the side menu, click Events. 
  2. Click Create New Event and select Mobile. 
  3. Specify the application where the event occurs. 
  4. Click Create Event. 
  5. On the Action Details tab, specify one or more applications where the event occurs and enter a unique event ID. 
  6. On the Event Attributes tab, specify custom event attributes by clicking Add. Adding attributes enables you to collect additional information about the action that triggers the event and the page that contains the event. The attribute data that is collected can be used elsewhere. For example, attributes that you add to this event can be selected as criteria when you define a segment. The available attributes vary by event type. 
  7. Click the Orchestration tab and select either Mark Ready or Mark Ready and Publish. This action makes the event available to other items and changes its status from Designing to either Ready or Active. 

A Ready status indicates that the event is ready to be published. For example, if someone publishes a task that contains an event with a Ready status, then that person is prompted to confirm that the event should also be published. Events with a Ready status can be changed back to a Designing status by clicking Return to Designing.

To move an event from a Ready status to an Active status, click Publish. Events with an Active status cannot be changed back to a Designing status. An event with an Active status does not prevent an item that contains the event from publishing.

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