Top 10 articles of 2016

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By Anne-Lindsay Beall, SAS Insights Editor

Which topics were the most popular with our readers in 2016? Hadoop, big data, data scientists, the internet of things – many of the same topics as last year’s top 10, along with new ones, like machine learning and real-world evidence for pharma.

Take a look at the year’s top-viewed SAS Insights articles and find new ideas and perspectives to take you into 2017.

1. Charlie Brown’s teacher speaks Hadoop

Ever felt like you and your big data specialist were speaking different languages? Learn how a non-geek can speak big data.

2. Getting the right people on the big data bus

Launching a big data initiative requires rethinking not only data and systems, but people. And it’s about time, says Jill Dyché.

3. Hiring? We have the data scientist interview questions you need

You’re hiring a data scientist, but what will you ask in the interview? And how will you evaluate skills? Start with our data scientist interview questions.

4. Big data and the internet of things: Two sides of the same coin

The concepts of big data and the internet of things are converging. Tamara Dull explains the relationship between the two terms.

5. Seven characteristics of the modern consumer

Find out what leaders from eBay, Chico’s and Brooks Brothers have to say about today’s shoppers – and how to market to them.

6. Real-world evidence: Why pharma firms are investing

How can pharmaceutical companies deliver insights on the fly from big data? By transforming real-world data sources into evidence that helps improve health outcomes.

7. Five data management best practices to help you do data right

Follow these five data management best practices to make sure your business data gives you great results from analytics.

8. Five ways to approach analytics differently

Go beyond the conventional, the insane and the dabbling. Here are five ways to rethink how you do analytics.

9. Applying machine learning to IoT data

Let’s move beyond theoretical discussions about machine learning and the internet of things – and talk about practical business applications instead.

10. Six ways big data analytics can improve insurance claims processing

Why make analytics part of your claims processing? Because just a 1 percent improvement in the loss ratio for a $1 billion insurer is worth more than $7 million on the bottom line.


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