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Many organisations are merging data exploration and reporting with advanced analytics to help a wide group of users – from data scientists and statisticians to analysts, risk managers and others – better understand business data.

Perceiving this trend, SAS has made it simpler for business users and data scientists to collaborate. New integration unites SAS’s popular visual data exploration software, SAS Visual Analytics, with SAS Visual Statistics, an interactive point-and-click application for developing predictive models.

During this complimentary 60-minute session, you will discover how to use SAS self-service BI platform to analyse and understand your data in rich visual detail. Join our business analytics experts Juthika Khargharia from SAS headquarters in the United States, and Natalie Mendes from SAS Australia and New Zealand, and learn to:

spot trends and patterns in your data more efficiently explore your data with drag-and-drop graphs rapidly build predictive models with group-by processing use visualisation techniques to validate your statistical models.


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