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AI Discovery Workshop:

Experience the new SAS Platform for AI & Machine Learning 

As data and the consumption of data have exploded, so have the technologies that enable a wide range of users to access, analyse and find value within it.

The new SAS Platform, provides a comprehensive, visual interface for accomplishing all steps related to the AI & ML life cycle. This “AI Discovery Workshop” is designed for EVERYBODY, who want to advance their AI & Machine Learning agenda. Whether your organizations are just starting out on this journey or ramping up to adopt the AI & ML technologies with SAS Platform, you will leave with valuable tips and practical advice that can help transform your organizations into a truly analytically driven organisation.

Join us for this half-day session to           

  • Learn more about key concepts and latest techniques in AI and Machine Learning
  • Explore use cases and common challenges in various industries 
  • Experience the power of new SAS Platform from an end-to-end demonstration of real-life examples


12 Oct 2018 (Friday)
Introduction to SAS Platform – The unifying, big data analytics and open architecture 
AI & Machine Learning – What is it? How it works? Why is it matters to us?
Use Cases Sharing : The applications of AI/Machine Learning in banking and retail industries with SAS  
Coffee Break 
Demo Session: Experience the Power of SAS Platform  

SAS Institute Ltd.
SAS Customer Care Center
14/F, Cityplaza 4, Taikoo Shing 
Hong Kong

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