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Optimize your credit portfolio, and make smarter lending decisions.

Controlling credit risk is a delicate business. Too much credit exposure can lead to high default rates and charge-off percentages. Too little exposure often means lost business and revenue. SAS combined our award-winning data management, analytic and reporting capabilities to provide a powerful in-house credit scoring solution that lets you develop, validate, deploy and track credit scorecards faster, cheaper and more flexibly than any outsourcing alternative.

Credit Risk

Why SAS Credit Risk Management?

Improve your credit decisions on both the origination and servicing sides of the business to reduce credit losses and boost performance. SAS helps you adeptly manage credit risk so you can meet regulatory requirements while improving your overall performance.

  • Make well-informed, smarter lending decisions.
  • Optimize your credit portfolio using risk/return measures.
  • Effectively monitor a wide range of loan portfolios.
  • Easily access and manage all relevant data.
  • Better assess and control your risk.
  • Quickly develop scorecards in-house.
  • Banking-specific data model and risk repository.
  • A powerful risk analytics engine that can calculate a range of measurements – including exposures, risk weights, capital ratios and effects on collateral – and accommodate increasingly complex modeling techniques as regulations change and financial products become more complicated.
  • Integrated risk analytics platform.


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