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Internal Fraud

The threat from within

About this paper

Fraud is an ever growing problem for our financial institutions, with criminals using a wide variety of methods to attack organisations across systems, channels, processes and products.

Unfortunately, the role of the employee has become an area of increased focus for fraud; with employees either acting in isolation as lone individuals, or becoming a new tool in the organised criminal’s armoury.

This paper examines the threat of internal fraud and how cutting edge technology and analytics can help institutions combat this growing problem.

In "Internal Fraud – The threat from within", we look at the challenge of identifying internal fraud and how analytics can help. In the paper we:

  • Look at how internal fraud presents a completely different challenge to external fraud
  • Examine how analytics can be applied to help identify when internal fraud is occuring
  • And how analytics fits into a broader governance process
  • And much much more

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