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Demystifying Analytics

Proven Analytical Techniques and Best Practices for Insurers

About this paper

Analytics are rapdily being adopted by the insurance industry to harness the growing volumes of data being generated through enterprise business systems, online interactions, social media and other channels.

Turning all of this data into useful information remains a challenge for most insurance firms. This white paper highlights some of the best practices and techniques that insurers can use to turn their data into valuable insights.

Our insurance software delivers powerful analytic capabilities that can help you with your most pressing issues, including:

  1. Actuarial analysis and ratemaking. Create more competitive pricing models by using multivariate statistical techniques to increase rating granularity.
  2. Claims analytics. Reduce loss ratios and lower loss-adjustment expenses by apply analytics across the entire claims process.
  3. Distribution optimisation. Get analytical insight into the predictive factors that maximise the performance of your multichannel distribution strategy.

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