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Visual Analytics SDK


About the webinar

The SAS Visual Analytics SDK is a collection of JavaScript libraries that web developers can use to embed SAS Visual Analytics content within custom web pages and web apps. The SDK provides a framework that enables you to:

  • Embed entire reports or individual charts and objects from SAS Visual Analytics reports
  • Supports actions between SAS visual analytics report objects on your web page or in your web app

During this webinar, we will be using the SAS VA-SDK alongside Node.js to create a simple interactive web page that includes elements of a SAS Visual Analytics report.

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About the Expert

Niall Larkin
Data Scientist at SAS

Niall is a new addition to the SAS workforce, recently graduating from the customer advisory programme in Cary, NC. Prior to joining SAS Niall was studying an undergrad in Computer Science at the University of Essex, which he graduated from in 2019.

During his first months at SAS Niall has worked alongside some of the largest organisations within the UK showcasing his strong technical and consulting abilities.

Niall works within the Data science team, mainly focusing on analytics, cloud computing and computer vision.