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Using AI to Enhance Model Risk Management

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About the webinar

As the number and complexity of models increases and skilled resources become harder to find, AI and ML techniques can be leveraged to enhance the model governance process and enable teams to do more with less.

This webinar explores current and future approaches to model risk management that make use of AI technology, such as Automated Documentation, Model Transponders for automated model usage collection and Supervised Learning for model validation.

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About the Expert

Haidar Altaie

Liz Dudley

Risk Solutions Specialist, SAS UK & Ireland

Liz is a specialist in SAS’ risk solutions for market, credit and model risk, focused on supporting SAS’ high performance risk technology within the North EMEA region. Liz works with customers to expand their use of SAS in risk measurement and management. She has specific expertise in model risk management and how it relates to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models.

Liz has over 30 years’ experience working with SAS software, more than 15 in the area of financial risk management. She has worked on projects across market and credit risk, supporting customers during complex implementations and helping prospective clients to identify their requirements.

Haidar Altaie

Dr Iain Brown

Head of Data Science at SAS UKI and Adjunct Professor of Marketing Analytics at University of Southampton

Dr. Iain Brown (Twitter: @IainLJBrown) is the Head of Data Science at SAS UKI and Adjunct Professor of Marketing Analytics at University of Southampton working closely with the Financial Services sector, providing thought leadership on the topics of Risk, AI and Machine Learning.

During his time at SAS he has been involved in delivering numerous projects, and driving innovation in the fields of AI and the corresponding fields of machine learning, deep learning and natural language understanding. As an experienced public speaker, he has presented at a number of internationally renowned conferences and conventions and has papers published in the European Journal of Operational Research, International Journal of Forecasting and the Journal of Expert Systems with Applications on the aforementioned areas of expertise

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