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Integrated ModelOps – Unifying model management across your organisation

Part of the SAS Ask the Expert series

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About the webinar

The rising importance of model governance stems from the need to ensure responsible, ethical, and transparent model deployment in an increasingly data-driven world, mitigating risks and biases while maximising benefits.

Join this webinar to understand how you can bring together model ops and model risk management into a unified model governance ecosystem.

This webinar is perfect for Model Practitioners who are looking to better integrate models, risk and data science, helping different modelling communities to collaborate via a unified solution for model ops

What You'll Learn

  • Details on how SAS can support integrated ModelsOps.
  • How to create a holistic model ops solution, across the entire model lifecycle from initiation and build to governance and execution.
  • Leveraging of existing SAS investment in response to MRM PS6/23 and other regulatory requirements.
  • Demo of SAS and how that can enable collaboration across different teams. 

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About the Experts

Lou Potts – Manager, Pre-Sales Support - Banking

Louise Potts leads the UK Banking Customer Advisory team who are responsible for helping banks to manage risk, protect their customers from fraud and deliver great customer experience by using analytics to turn data into insight and then applying that insight at the right time to maximise impact. We aim to make banking simple, safe and rewarding for everyone.

Kyriakos Fistos – Systems Engineer

Kyriakos Fistos works as a Data Scientist for SAS UK&I and he has been involved in numerous projects around the development and implementation of Machine Learning techniques and Artificial Intelligence applications. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and a master’s degree in Operational Research, Applied Statistics and Financial Risk from Cardiff University.

Svetlana Belous – Senior Business Solutions Manager, UKI

Svetlana is a part of the UK&I Risk team looking after the risk modelling and decisioning opportunities where SAS can bring intelligence with its technologies and consulting services. She has seven years of experience working in SAS in different countries. Previously she worked in the Risk management area within retail and commercial banks for about eight years and was responsible for Basel implementation, Model development, IFRS 9 implementation and Stress-testing.