On-Demand Webinar

Tips for debugging your base and macro code

Tools and Techniques for diagnosing problems in code


About the webinar

The SAS language is straightforward, but complex problems can still result in complex code

Sometimes programmers have to work out why code doesn't behave as expected.

These logic errors can be tricky to find as unlike syntax errors or execution errors, there won't be any errors or warnings in the SAS log

What you'll learn:

  • How to use the data step debugger in SAS enterprise Guide and in foundation SAS to see code execution line by line
  • How to use options in SAS macro language to understand its behavior
  • How to use the code versioning features in SAS Enterprise Guide to track changes in code

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About the Experts

Peter Hobart
SAS customer success team

Peter has worked at SAS for 24 years, in customer support, education, architecture and now customer success. Prior to joining SAS Peter was the IT manager for a major brewery's research laboratory.. Peter has written several SAS courses and questions for the SAS certification exams.

Peter has presented at SAS forum but spends most of his time answering customer questions and presenting at customer events. Peter is a certified SAS advanced programmer, data integration developer and SAS platform administrator.

He is currently learning the new features of SAS Viya 3.5.