On-Demand Webinar

Overview of Natural Language Processing in SAS


About the webinar

This webinar will explore some of the common use cases, to use Natural Language Processing (NLP) / Text Analytics, to extract insight from collections of documents. We’ll discuss a typical process for this type of project and how to overcome some of the common challenges.

During the webinar we'll explore:

  • describe the typical process and capabilities required in an NLP project
  • discuss hybrid approach to NLP which combines machine learning with linguistic rules
  • provides examples from a range of industries including financial services, retail, healthcare, transport, etc

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About the Expert

Matthew Stainer

Principal Data Scientist
SAS UK & Ireland

Matthew has over 30 years experience, using data and analytics to make better decisions. His particular areas of interest and expertise are:

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) / text analytics
  • Understanding / developing requirements, to align SAS solutions with customers  business strategies, building business cases and identifying impact of analytical solutions on business processes
  • Programme management of analysis projects and communicating the results of analysis to business audiences

He has a specific interest in Customer Experience and Healthcare HeaHhsolutions. Working across a variety of vertical sectors including retail banking, insurance, healthcare, retail, media and telecommunications.

Melissa Torgbi
Data Scientist at SAS UKI

She joined SAS in September 2019 after graduating from University with an Electronic Engineering degree. Melissa is committed to helping customers solve business problems using Machine Learning and AI. She works across multiple sectors and has a particular interest in Natural Language Processing and Text Analytics.