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Overview of Forecasting in SAS


About the webinar

Forecasting is a technique that uses historical data as inputs to make informed estimates that are predictive in determining the direction of future trends.Visual Forecasting provides you a way to quickly produce a large number of reliable forecasts using traditional forecasting techniques, cutting edge Machine Learning algorithms and also combinations of the two.

SAS Visual Forecasting, which runs in SAS® Viya®, provides a resilient, distributed time series analysis and scripting environment for cloud computing while it offers seamless integration with open source. In this webinar we will explore how VF automatically aggregates Time Series data, performs diagnostics and finally compares different automated modelling techniques to get in a timely manner the most accurate forecasts.

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About the Experts

Spiros Potamitis
Data Scientist at SAS

Spiros Potamitis is a data scientist at SAS, specialising in the development and implementation of advanced analytics solutions across different industries. Having acquired an MSc in Computer Engineering and one in Information Management Spiros provides subject matter expertise in the areas of Machine Learning and AI. 

Prior to joining SAS, Spiros has worked and led advanced analytics teams in various sectors such as Credit Risk, Customer Insights and CRM.