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Ask the Expert: Loops, Masks and FizzBuzz 

Part of the SAS Ask the Expert series

About the webinar

Loops are used to efficiently perform an action multiple times. In this webinar we will examine the options available on a data step loop and compare this with loops in SAS macro language. We also look at a way to efficiently evaluate multiple factors as a single item by using a binary mask, and discuss an implementation of FizzBuzz in the data step, and possible refinements.

What you’ll learn:

  • Data step and macro loops
  • Binary masks
  • FizzBuzz

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About the expert

Simon Arnold

Peter Hobart 

Sr Associate  Customer Success Manager, SAS

Peter is a certified SAS advanced programmer, data integration developer and SAS platform administrator. He has worked at SAS for 26 years, in customer support, education, architecture and now customer success. He has written several SAS courses and questions for the SAS certification exams, presented at SAS forums and customer events.