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Is the Dark Web actually anonymous?  

How can the police service leverage dark web data to support the investigation process and track organised crime activities?

June 17 • 11 a.m. BST • Cost: Complimentary

About the webinar

One materialisation of the increasingly complex nature of transnational organised crime is represented by illicit trade on darknet markets. These crypto markets supply platforms with the trade of illicit goods and service in mostly anonymous ways.

Europol states that on-line trade in illicit goods and services, such as drugs, firearms, counterfeit goods, counterfeit currencies, is one of the three engines of Organized Crime groups, together with document fraud and money laundering (SOCTA, EUROPOL).

Taking advantage of the TOR technology, Darknet Markets are on-line markets, supposedly anonymous, which provide escrow services between buyers and sellers transacting mainly in cryptocurrencies.

Whatever the level of anonymization used, when it comes to buying and selling, people still need to establish trust. And this is where the weakness sits: into the communications. To establish trust between actors, one must use fixed references like a nickname, cryptocurrency addresses, a forum, a marketplace. Users rate buyers and sellers, post comments, recommendations and warnings in the same way it is done on well-known auction places or official marketplaces.

Furthermore, the illegal items traded on the platforms need to be physically delivered, which leaves room for traditional policing to be put in place. Post, parcel services and customs clearance processes play a key role in the whole picture of illicit drugs trade on the darknet markets. Critically, it represents another of their main vulnerabilities.

Investigating on Darknet markets and illicit trades requires police forces to be able to ingest and analyse a vast amount of data, and to process them to uncover the hidden relationships between actors. This is where SAS enters in action, leveraging its native capability to address very diverse data sets, and process them at scale using artificial intelligence to discover hidden patterns.

Why attend?

In this webinar you will learn how to investigate Darknet markets, how to uncover the relationship between actors and how to identify connections between the “cyber” and the “real” world, proving that anonymization provided by TOR and the use of advanced crypto wallets is not a show stopper for law enforcement.

The SAS approach leverages the use of artificial intelligence to perform advanced analytics, text analysis, entity resolution, social network analysis and pattern discovering through an integrated set of tools, leading to perform advanced data fusion and analysis. It focuses on the needs of intelligence analysts and investigators, providing the ultimate way to detect and understand the new trends (strategic level) and to uncover organizations (tactical level). 

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About the Experts

Valerio Mosca

Valerio Mosca
Solution Architect/ System Engineer,
Government and Healthcare Solutions

A bright, curious and self-motivated data and risk management expert with several years of experience in analytics and software development. Has over 9-years of experience of extensive data analysis, data modelling, database management, as well as inspecting, cleaning and transforming various data sets using mainly but not only SAS software.

Strong business acumen and right technical pre-sales attitude. Passionate on design and development of complex analytics solution. Specializes on fraud and security intelligence for government.

 In his career successfully designed and implemented complex analytical solutions, in different countries (EMEA AP) and industries (banking, insurance, government) integrating expert model, artificial intelligence, social network analysis and anomalies detection with advanced data visualization techniques. Able to reveal and clearly communicate the "story” behind large sets of structured and semi-structured data at all level also to a non-technical audience.

Valerio holds a bachelor degree in Markets and Business Economics and is currently doing a Master of Science at the faculty of Engineering at UCL in London on Crime Science. Valerio is a boxing and motorbike passionate, loves travelling and has a strong interest on crypto currencies, trading and technology.

Andy Davies

Andy Davies
Public Sector Client Manager

Prior to joining SAS, Andy worked as a police analyst for nearly 10 years and was involved in data migration, software adoption, data quality and business intelligence projects. Since leaving the police Andy helps customers across the public sector develop their use of analytics and intelligence using SAS.

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