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Is AI the Future of Customer Experience?

Artificial intelligence (AI) may be the next big opportunity, but what does it really mean for customer experience? Where does automation stop and AI begin? And how should you plan for it in your objectives?

About the webinar

Most organisations have AI on their agenda, whether they are planning to implement it, are already implementing it or are just experimenting. When considering planning customer experience strategy, when is AI the future of customer experience and when isn’t it?

This webinar will explore common challenges when implementing AI into your customer experience strategy, including understanding what AI really is (and where it’s not just automation), and how best to plan for AI to really meet your business objectives and enhance your customer’s experience.

Why attend?

  • Get real life examples of where organisations are already using AI to support their customer experience strategy
  • Understand the challenges of processing and analysing vast quantities of data
  • Learn what is AI and what is really marketing automation

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About the Experts

Tiffany Carpenter

Head of Customer Intelligence Solutions, SAS, UK&I.


Caroline Hermon

Head of Artificial Intelligence Solutions, SAS, UK&I.