On-Demand Webinar

Intelligence in Context

How the police service can use modern network analysis techniques to gain a more complete picture of the data available to them


About the webinar

Network analysis is an appealing approach when trying to identify and understand activities involving multiple associated parties. As a basis for that a reliable set of relationships is required. Entity resolution is an approach that can support this but also brings benefits in building a complete picture of a person. This includes all the data available both internally within an organisation but also to make better use of externally sourced data.

There are many approaches to this, during this webinar we’ll look at some of the challenges faced when using this in real systems where the data quality is imperfect, data integrity is essential and valuable information is stored in disparate systems.

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About the Expert

Nicholas Ablitt
Senior Manager, Consulting

Nicholas has spent over 15 years working in network-based analysis. Much of that supporting fraud detection within Government and Financial Services but also with Public Security clients. He has worked closely with fraud investigators as well as police officers understanding the unique challenges they face and used his technology and analytical skills to drive a broad range of business benefits, including direct reduction in financial loss as well as acceleration and empowerment of the intelligence analysis and investigative process. One of his key areas of expertise is how to effectively identify the relationships using Entity Resolution within an operational system.

Prior to working in this space Nicholas completed a Phd in Computing at Imperial College London where he also obtained an MSc in Advanced Computing specialising in Artificial Intelligence.


About the Host

Andy Davies
Public Sector Client Manager

Prior to joining SAS, Andy worked as a police analyst for nearly 10 years and was involved in data migration, software adoption, data quality and business intelligence projects. Since leaving the police Andy helps customers across the public sector develop their use of analytics and intelligence using SAS.

If you are interested in learning how we are helping Law Enforcement organisations leverage analytics, please get in touch with Andy Davies either through email or LinkedIn