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About the webinar

It can take just a few weeks to transform a company’s operations with analytics. The biggest challenge sometimes is committing to that change before seeing the value come to life.

Over the past year, the SAS Solutions Team has worked side-by-side with clients to prove their revolutionary data science ideas within just a few weeks. 

Join us as we discuss:

  • Example use case – How an AI system that detects suspect devices on a manufacturing line came to life after a 2-week project proved value that was impossible to ignore.
  • The approach – How do we go from idea to operational analytics?

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About the Expert

Muneeb Mohammad
Lead Data Scientist, SAS Solutions & Advisory

Since joining SAS 6 years ago, Muneeb has a history of delivering data science solutions for clients across different sectors. He has worked with some of the biggest brands in banking, energy, manufacturing, CPG, pharma, and even the sports world to guide them on their analytics journey.

As the Lead Data Scientist on the UK&I Solutions Team, Muneeb especially enjoys mentoring and speaking to aspiring data scientists on anything in the world of analytics. He is also a guest lecturer at universities and presents on the application of analytics in the business world.