How Machine Learning Can Help Combat Domestic Violence

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About the webinar

A hidden consequence of the global lockdown resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, domestic violence is on the increase and police service should be ready for reports of domestic violence to increase both during the lockdown and in the aftermath.  As the number of incident reports rise and the data volumes increase police service will need to adopt efficient mechanisms that can evaluate incidents quickly to identify potential threat, risk and harm and keep the public safe.

This webinar will discuss a “proof of concept” from an EU country which adopted risk modelling techniques to double the accuracy for detection of high-risk cases and halved the unnecessary intervention in low-risk cases.  Allowing the organization to target their resource allocation and protect victims.

Why attend? / What you’ll learn:

Machine learning algorithms can help to identify hidden data patterns and complete initial assessments done by the police. With the right data and by being able to analyse years of police department experiences a more precise risk assessment can be made.  In this webinar we will walk through the capabilities of the existing risk detection system and explain how analytics can complete the holistic view of the case.

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About the Experts

Antonio Navarro
Sr Fraud Solutions Expert at SAS
EMEA Fraud Strategy Team

Antonio Navarro is a member of the SAS EMEA fraud strategy team. His background is in mathematics with focus on statistics and operational research and he is a “Certified Financial Crimes Specialist” by ACFCS.

 With a strong focus in government and security intelligence domain, he has been working closely with police experts and he led the SAS team that intensively worked in the domestic violence proof of concept. 

Andy Davies
Public Sector Client Manager

Prior to joining SAS, Andy worked as a police analyst for nearly 10 years and was involved in data migration, software adoption, data quality and business intelligence projects. Since leaving the police Andy helps customers across the public sector develop their use of analytics and intelligence using SAS.