Fraud is not on lockdown

How the police service can make use of data & digital evidence to improve their service and keep communities safe.

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About the webinar

Fraud is on the increase generally but in these times of global lockdown, the heightened uncertainty and vulnerability has made this increase even more dramatic.  As fraud reporting increases so will the data and digital evidence available to the police.  Fraud reporting is likely to continue to rise after the lockdown is over and people start to return to normality, resulting in a further increase of these data volumes. 

How can the police service make the best use of this data and digital evidence to improve their service and keep communities safe?    

Why attend? / What you'll learn

As a result of COVID-19, organised criminals are becoming more innovative in their approach. During this webinar, we will discuss how the use of analytics can provide real-time, actionable insights resulting in improved risk assessments and allocation of police resources.

1.   Combatting Serious Organised Crime: Organised crime groups are changing their methodologies. How can law enforcement adapt to these changes and develop their understanding of organised crime groups? Where are the patterns and where are the hidden networks?
2.  Supporting Fraud Investigators: How can the police enable their workforce with technology to handle the increased workloads and assess threat, risk & harm to better triage incidents?

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About the Experts

Ash Varsani
UK Specialist Financial Crime and AML

Ashvin Varsani is a UK specialist focused in the Financial Crime and AML solution area at SAS Institute, Inc. Over his 20 year career, Ash has industry experience in Fraud and Cybersecurity, worked across a number of industries, held various specialist roles to help clients detect suspicious activities and prevent financial losses.

Patrick Maher
Principal Solutions Architect

Patrick Maher is a Principal Solutions Architect in the Fraud and Security Intelligence Practice at SAS Institute, Inc. Mr. Maher has over 25 years of professional experience in analytical consulting, business strategy, and delivering innovative solutions for a wide range of clients.

Andy Davies
Public Sector Client Manager

Prior to joining SAS, Andy worked as a police analyst for nearly 10 years and was involved in data migration, software adoption, data quality and business intelligence projects. Since leaving the police Andy helps customers across the public sector develop their use of analytics and intelligence using SAS.