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5 lessons learnt from 5 real-world AI deployments

Aiming to dispel the AI myth from the AI reality

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About the webinar

This session provides practical real-world applications of AI solutions detailing the lessons learned and the pitfalls to avoid.

Understand the critical factors that will make your AI strategies successful and see what AI could deliver within your organisation.

In addition we will discuss how to make sure AI is ethical by design and why a governance framework is the crucial first step in ensuring AI is used in the right way.

During the webinar we:

  • explore real life applications of AI and how they generate business value
  • introduce the F.A.T.E framework for AI applications
  • share our experiences of building and deploying AI solutions
  • discuss the lessons learnt and the pitfalls to avoid

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About the Expert

Dr Iain Brown

Head of Data Science at SAS UKI and Adjunct Professor of Marketing Analytics at University of Southampton

Dr. Iain Brown (Twitter: @IainLJBrown) is the Head of Data Science at SAS UKI and Adjunct Professor of Marketing Analytics at University of Southampton working closely with the Financial Services sector, providing thought leadership on the topics of Risk, AI and Machine Learning.

During his time at SAS he has been involved in delivering numerous projects, and driving innovation in the fields of AI and the corresponding fields of machine learning, deep learning and natural language understanding. As an experienced public speaker, he has presented at a number of internationally renowned conferences and conventions and has papers published in the European Journal of Operational Research, International Journal of Forecasting and the Journal of Expert Systems with Applications on the aforementioned areas of expertise