On-Demand Webinar

Defusing a digital baby boomer time bomb 

Why data, analytics and AI are key to the future of workforce design, retention and optimisation in the UK Public Sector.


About the webinar

According to a recent institute for government report two in every five UK civil servants is over the age of 50. As these employees leave the workforce, public sector organisations are also digitalising much of their operations and adopting newer technologies in areas such as robotic process automation to optimise how services are delivered.

When you start to look at what this means from both a traditional HR and business transformation perspective – this gets very complicated very quickly!

Iain Stewart from our UKI Public Sector team invites you to come and learn how SAS is set up to assist UKI public sector in dealing with these challenges, and to listen to an interview with our esteemed US colleague Jon Lemon around how SAS is already helping public sector organisations across the US to deal with some of these challenges.

What you will learn:

  • That the challenge ahead is doable
  • Why workforce optimisation techniques are key to success
  • A taste of the benefits of data and analytics

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About the Expert

Jon Lemon
Senior Industry Analyst, Federal Government 

Jon Lemon has spent seven years at SAS helping federal, state and local government customers prevent fraud and manage performance. Prior to becoming a Solutions Specialist for SAS Federal, Lemon was a budget director at the Department of Homeland Security, where he formulated, executed and managed over $4.5 billion of appropriated funds annually. He also worked with Booz Allen Hamilton, where he supported performance management and fraud detection and prevention efforts throughout multiple federal civilian and defense agencies. He holds an MBA degree and a Finance Bachelor of Science degree.

Iain Stewart
Consultant, Customer Advisory, SAS UKI

Iain works with public and private sector organisations to cut through the hype surrounding the use of data and data driven business transformation to deliver financial, societal and organisational benefits. Within SAS he primarily works with UKI government agencies in areas such as fraud prevention, compliance and core process optimisation to deliver improved, more efficient services. More widely Iain has extensive experience internationally helping private and public sector organisations do more with data across customer retail and heavy asset industries, including internet of things-based markets and smart cities.