On-Demand Webinar

The Holy Grail:
Data, AI & Advanced Analytics underpinning the fight against public sector fraud

About the webinar

This webinar is for UK & Ireland Civil Servants and employees across the public sector.

Fraudsters continue to develop more sophisticated means of deceiving governments.  Hear how organisations are tackling these challenges by bringing together all their data sources, using innovative and cutting-edge machine learning techniques to explore and model data.

From these stories you will learn:

  • How technology is essential for results you can trust and act on
  • How visualisation and investigation tools improve investigator productivity
  • Why AI & Analytics is vital to stay one-step ahead of the fraudsters

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About the Experts

Caroline Payne
Technical Director, Public Sector

Self-confessed geek and working mum, Caroline has 25+ years’ experience working in the data, analytics and technology space. Passionate about how data & insights can make all our lives a better, safer place – following a few years working in the B2B data and insight space, Caroline has spent the last 20 years working for SAS who help organisations (large and small) across all sectors to gain intelligence from their vast sources of data and then deploy these insights to help make the world a better place.

Caroline leads a team of domain and technical experts who work with UK government agencies to advise on the use of technologies such as AI to drive better service delivery and outcomes for all citizens. Read more at https://www.sas.com/uk/gov

Colin Gray
Data Scientist
Public Sector, SAS UK&I

Colin graduated in Mathematical Sciences with 1st Class Honours. He started his career training to be an actuary and holds a Certificate of Actuarial Techniques, and is a Chartered Statistician. Since moving to SAS, he has concentrated on the detection and prevention of fraud through the use of Analytics across multiple industries including detection of insider trading on behalf of a regulator, credit and debit card fraud for a high street bank and fraud at a large telco provider. He has two children, a dog, a cat and loves to travel, but this has been rather restricted this year.

Colin has also authored a number of articles on fairness: https://blogs.sas.com/content/author/colingray/