What’s Your (Computer) Vision of AI?

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While some still associate Artificial Intelligence with robots taking over the world, we are surrounded by far more realistic and beneficial examples of AI in our everyday life. Find out how applications of computer vision reinforce the interplay between man and machine.

About the webinar

In the last few years, the field of machine learning has made tremendous progress around computer vision. Convolutional neural networks can achieve reasonable performance on difficult visual recognition tasks – matching or even exceeding human performance in some domains.

In this session, we will explore successful use cases for computer Vision including various industries and aspects of everyday life. We want to uncover the value of moving your AI projects out of the lab and into the business.

Why attend?

  • Hear about computer vision use cases, that already support your everyday life
  • Find out how deep learning applications work and how they complement or even exceed human skills
  • Understand how to move AI applications out of the lab and add value to your business

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About the Expert

Federica Citterio

Data Scientist, SAS Global Technology Practice

Federica is a Data Scientist at SAS, working across EMEA on the latest SAS technologies involving Artificial Intelligence. She is excited about combining business and data science to help companies make better decisions, grounded in trusted data and assisted by analytics.

Federica holds a master’s degree in applied mathematics from University of Milan, majoring in Statistics, Probability and Numerical Analysis.