Live Webinar

Clear the barriers that stand in the way of cross-functional collaboration

Tuesday, September 13, 2022 • 10:00 AM. BST • Cost: Complimentary

About the webinar

UK’s National Data Strategy is central to the government’s ambition to build a
world-leading data economy, underpinned by public trust. With an apparent shift in our attitudes towards the exchange of data during the pandemic, the strategy seeks to harness the power of shared data to boost productivity, improve public services, and position the UK as the forerunner of the next wave of innovation. Under this strategy, use of shared data is seen as an opportunity to be embraced, rather than only a threat to be guarded against.

While benefits of data sharing are widely acknowledged, and departments know that it is the right thing to do, the challenge now is to clear the barriers that still stand in the way of cross-functional collaboration and public trust. This talk will discuss the key capabilities that are needed to build an effective DataOps competence for analytics and decisioning.

Topic will include:

  • Foundational capabilities that enable data governance and quality by design
  • The lifecycle of data, analytics & decisioning
  • The importance of automation
  • How these capabilities can add value to government methodologies such as Reproducible Analytics Pipelines (RAP)

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About the Experts

Doug Green
Principle Systems Engineer

Doug Green works as a technology adviser within its Public-Sector organisation at SAS with a focus on Enterprise Analytics platforms and cloud deployments.

He works with customers on how best to deploy SAS products and solutions across public, private and hybrid cloud deployment models to help maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of our public services.

Rajeeve Narula
UKI Lead - Data & Analytics Engineering

Rajeeve is a Technology Adviser with 12+ years of experience in SAS technology with a specific focus on Data & Analytics Engineering.

He works with customers across all industry sectors to help them make the most of their data and achieve their analytical objectives in a cost-effective manner.