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Bike usage data analysis and predictive modelling on Dublin bike sharing scheme using SAS Analytics


About the webinar

Have you ever used a shared bike? In the course of use, do you encounter a situation where there are no bikes available at some sites and a mountain of bikes lying idle at some locations? Do you want to know the impact and changes of COVID-19 on the use of the bike-sharing system?

In this webinar, we will take the Dublin Bike Sharing Scheme as an example, showing the influence of weather on bikes scheme and performing clustering and prediction using SAS VIYA advanced analytics from the perspective of business analysts. And explain and analyse the data mystery and direction of the shared bicycle system for you in detail.

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About the Experts

Xiahong Cao

Xianhong is a current postgraduate student majoring in Business Analytics with eight years of banking experience and engineering education background. She is keen to provide customers with valuable business insights through the ability to identify, filter and analyse data.

Yash Kashiwala

Yash holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering and is currently pursuing his master's in Business Analytics from UCD Smurfit. Prior to joining Business school, he worked as a Data Analyst for nearly 3 years focusing on Data migration and ETL development, helping clients create an analytics solution to enable self-service BI, robust visualisation and exploration capabilities.

He likes to leverage his curious mind and passion for technology to gain insights from data and provide innovative strategies to customers.