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Analysing customer reviews of telephone brands using machine learning techniques


About the webinar

Rating and comments mean EVERYTHING when you sell products online. Research shows that 91% of people read online reviews before they make an order and 88% of them trust these reviews. If a brand wants to survive in the fierce competition, it must pay high attention to customer reviews.

The objective of the project is to get valuable information and deep insights from customer reviews of telephone brands on Amazon. The highlights of this project are:

  • Using SAS Viya to implement Natural Language Processing on buyer’s comments.
  • Visualizing analytical results of customer ratings and reviews through SAS Visual tools.

The analytical results have a strong potential value in developing the brand's strategy and improving customer satisfaction rate.

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About the Experts

Yijun Wang

Yijun is a business analytics student who will graduate from UCD Smurfit this September. She is full of passion on solving complex business problems using Machine Learning techniques. She has a specific interest in Natural Language Processing and Data Visualization

Wenji Wang

Wenji is a focused and enthusiastic BComm graduate from NUIG, specialising in digital business and analytics. He acquired a wide range of technological knowledge including SQL, R and Python. Over four years' working and study experience in a customer-centred hospitality industry