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Accelerating the Analytic Lifecycle in Hadoop

About this on-demand webinar

Hadoop, it’s the hot phrase in analytics at the moment. That cute little yellow elephant icon is all over the place. The distributed, open-source framework behind it has caught the attention of many organizations searching for better ways to store and process the large volumes and varieties of data they store cheaply.

But the Hadoop ecosystem has its limitations. MapReduce (a key component of Hadoop) is very batch-oriented and not suitable for iterative, multi-step analytics processing. The Hadoop ecosystem does not have easy-to-use, fully featured tools for the complete analytics lifecycle, from data management, rapid train of thought analysis to the deployment of models to inform customer decision making. Hadoop analysis can be both time consuming and dependant on scarce skills.

Watch this 30min webinar and find out why SAS has become the analytical partner of choice for Horton Works and Cloudera.

Learn about:

  • The potential benefits and limitations of Hadoop for managing Data
  • How SAS can makes it easier for you analyse structured and unstructured Data in Hadoop
  • How accessible in-memory analytics that speeds your time to value from your Hadoop data to the deployment of decisions in production

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