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Take advantage of the latest innovations in SAS Viya, a cloud native and open analytics engine that delivers everything you need for quick, accurate and consistent results – every time.  

Cloud native.

Run SAS Viya in the SAS Cloud, or on your public or private cloud provider of choice. Architected using microservices, containers and kubernetes, SAS Viya enables you to control costs and provision analytic resources in an agile and scalable way.

Continuous innovation.

SAS Viya is updated continuously with quick, incremental product enhancements that you control. That means your data scientists, business analysts and application developers can take advantage of our latest innovations the moment they’re ready.

Automated machine learning.

The most advanced machine learning capabilities in the world are now automated. SAS Viya automates the process of data cleansing, data transformations, feature engineering, algorithm matching, model training and ongoing governance. With this level of automation, you can still control and configure results as needed.

Insights for all in plain language.

SAS Viya makes insights accessible to everyone by displaying results from your data in plain, easy-to-understand business terms. A new Insights tab not only shows the results of automated machine learning, but also explains how the results affect a business problem in language that anyone can understand.

Accelerated computer vision for health care.

A new deep learning model simplifies analysis by automatically separating images into individual segments. Health care providers can use this technique to quickly discern changes in the shape, size and color of tissue, enabling more accurate predictions of progression of certain diseases, such as cancer. Additional enhancements to the SAS Biomedical Image Action Set make it easier for health care providers to use computer vision.

Natural language processing for everyone.

With a team of linguists working around the world, SAS provides out-of-the-box natural language processing (NLP) functionality, as well as automated rule generation across 33 languages. The SAS Platform enables you to easily build and deploy NLP models with a simple point-and-click interface, making it an automated, powerful solution that puts AI at everyone’s fingertips.

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