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SAS® Risk Data Aggregation and Reporting

A single solution for data aggregation, governance and reporting across all areas of risk.

Establish a holistic risk management infrastructure that spans all areas of risk and related regulations – including BCBS 239. SAS delivers a single solution that combines powerful analytics and visualization with robust data management capabilities, providing a solid foundation for all facets of risk data aggregation, governance and reporting – and enhancing your ability to identify and manage risk.


Strengthen your risk data aggregation and risk reporting practices.

A holistic risk management infrastructure transcends data silos, providing a groupwide view of data across all areas of the business, including risk and finance. A strong risk data aggregation and governance architecture facilitates compliance with existing and emerging risk reporting requirements, such as COREP/FINREP and AnaCredit, while providing a firm foundation for improved business control, better strategic decisions and greater profitability.

Perform faster risk data aggregations.

Increase the timeliness of reporting and remediation actions with high-performance analytics. You can process risk data calculations quickly with in-memory aggregation of banking and trading book positions, exposures and data to the lowest level of detail. A high-performance risk engine enables you to aggregate risk measures on demand (VaR, ES, etc.), and quickly explore interrelationships among millions or billions of individual data records in seconds (e.g., for cash flow and time series analysis).

Build confidence in your risk data.

Build confidence in the data that drives your reports. A centralized platform enables a consistent approach to getting correct data when and where it is needed, with quantifiable data quality metrics and common reporting processes and controls. A transparent, self-documenting governance architecture tracks data lineage and quality rules, provides change management and review controls, and facilitates full traceability and auditability for regulatory compliance purposes.

Make better risk management everyone's business.

Foster greater risk awareness at all levels of the organization by enabling users to perform risk data aggregations on the fly, and drill down for additive and nonadditive risk data. Reports can be created and reshaped to address a variety of individual reporting requirements. And there's no need for pre-aggregated OLAP cubes, because users can drill down to the lowest level of data as needed.


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  • Advanced data management. Provides comprehensive capabilities for business rules management and execution, data quality measurement and monitoring, workflow and data lineage traceability, and data documentation.
  • High-performance risk engine. Quickly aggregates risk measures across positions and exposures for the entire banking and trading book. Features in-memory aggregation and the ability to process data at the lowest level of granularity.
  • Visualization and reporting. Uses SAS Visual Analytics for visual data exploration and reporting, along with interactive business intelligence, dashboards, holistic views of risks and ad hoc analysis.
  • A flexible and adaptable architecture. Works alongside existing technology, and is designed to integrate with many major platforms.

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