SAS Intelligent Inventory Management Features List

Demand-based size profiles

  • Employ market-leading lost-sales analytics.
  • Create event-specific scenarios.
  • Automatically detect active size ranges.
  • Build profiles at multiple levels of the hierarchy.

Attribute-specific profiles

  • Group products by hierarchy or multiple attributes.
  • Tag profiles with relevant attribute values.
  • Automatically match new products with attribute profiles.

Pack portfolio recommendations

  • Enforce constraints on pack usage and variation.
  • Vary packs by size ratio and overall volume.
  • Optimally combine packs and bulk.
  • Consider supply-chain costs and efficiencies.

Multidelivery strategy design

  • Optimize packs over an entire season or life cycle.
  • Reflect changing lifecycle needs.
  • Incorporate promotional requirements.

Multi-echelon inventory level calculation

  • Calculate optimal inventory levels throughout the entire supply chain.
  • Align ordering with optimal upstream and downstream product flows to support promotional events.
  • Adopt replenishment policies based on required lead times, cost and targeted service levels.

What-if analysis

  • Avoid under and over-stocks by comparing multiple planning scenarios using what-if analysis to pick the best option.
  • Develop accurate cost analyses of inventory proposals.
  • Simulate and review how inventory policy decisions affect both single- and multi-echelon networks.