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SAS Firmwide Risk for Solvency II shown on desktop monitor

SAS® Firmwide Risk for Solvency II

Streamline Solvency II compliance and reap the ongoing rewards.

Meet evolving Solvency II compliance demands and gain a greater understanding of your company's risk and financial condition. Our comprehensive risk analytics framework enables better risk decision making through higher-quality data, faster internal and regulatory reporting, and transparency and auditability.


Ease the angst of Solvency II compliance.

Perform complex calculations to anticipate risks, then initiate control measures to maintain solvency ratios that satisfy regulatory requirements. A single solution lets you calculate standard model MCR and SCR requirements, as well as create regulatory and management reports for Solvency II compliance. And the solution's flexible framework grows along with you to meet evolving risk analysis needs.

Better understand your overall risk.

Formulate better risk decision strategies by understanding how economic factors will affect your balance sheet. Ensure solvency by stress-testing assets and liabilities for sudden and dramatic changes in market conditions. The solution's risk analytics framework supports an internal model approach for risk analysis and can be extended to support other regulatory regimes beyond Solvency II.

Create a cohesive risk data warehouse.

Access and consolidate historical data from almost any source – internal and external. An integrated risk data warehouse stores data related to asset and liability exposures, claims, reinsurance arrangements, economic and actuarial risk factor assumptions, and product configurations. Built-in data quality tools reduce or eliminate errors and inconsistencies. And a self-documenting auditing feature ensures transparency and traceability by tracking changes to data and risk models.

Quickly create reports for management and regulators.

Customizable dashboards and the solution's data point model help streamline and automate Solvency II reporting processes. An extendible validation rules engine includes more than 600 predefined intra- and inter-report validation checks based on the latest EIOPA specifications. Predefined templates and web-based ad hoc reporting capabilities empower users at any level to disseminate risk information to regulators and senior management.


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SAS Firmwide Risk for Solvency II shown on laptop
  • Risk analysis framework. Provides a flexible and extendible software framework that meets evolving risk analysis needs.
  • Market-leading reporting platform. Includes predefined Solvency II reports and an extendible data infrastructure that supports ad hoc and nonregulatory reporting requirements.
  • Integrated data management. Improves data quality and meets Solvency II guidelines by reducing data inconsistencies. Includes prebuilt capabilities for loading data from the data model to the risk software.
  • Insurance-specific data model. Serves as a single source of information to address Solvency II data requirements, and accelerates Solvency II compliance.
  • End-to-end functionality. Includes an integrated insurance data model, data management capabilities, advanced analytics and reporting technologies for a comprehensive approach to a risk culture.

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