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SAS® Enterprise Case Management

Bring investigation workflows to a new level.

Create a structured environment for automated workflows and more thorough investigations. A centralized hub gives investigators and operational risk managers secure access for teams across the enterprise.


Unite departments at an enterprise level.

Open the doors of communication between investigative departments with a single fraud investigation system that acts as a centralized hub for creating and managing regulatory reports.

Develop an automated workflow.

Define processes and create multiple, automated workflows for various types of cases – fraud, security, anti-money laundering, regulatory filings, etc.

Get a broad view of customer relationships.

Link structured and unstructured data to analyze and review both current and historical cases across the organization. You can also grant permissions for access between departments.

Access meaningful information on demand.

Create customized reports ranging from global statistics for high-level board or command reporting to extensive, detailed documentation of investigations necessary for supervisor review.

Facilitate collaboration among various teams.

Centralized case management provides a common repository for cross-channel and cross-department enterprise data and shared workflow tools that ease information sharing issues while reducing administrative costs.



SAS Enterprise Case Management shown on laptop
  • Historical versioning. Easily review changes made to selected fields at subject, incident and case levels.
  • Social network analysis integration. Incorporate case network analysis information to identify networks of individuals who may have been tracked and disposed of previously.
  • External data access. Retrieve external data from other systems, rather than populating the solution itself with a copy of the data.
  • Web services. Create, locate or update records and add reports, e-files, comments and attachments.
  • Search. Retrieve relevant incidents, subjects, cases and reports using simple keyword queries, or complex Boolean logic.
  • Event notification. Receive notifications whenever any event affects or changes a case, incident, subject, report or e-filing.
  • Regulatory reporting. Draft, review and electronically file regulatory reports (e.g., SARs and CTRs in the US) using an intuitive point-and-click interface.

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Cross-referencing across several cases and identities tells you you’re dealing with a criminal network.

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