All business users can now easily access analytic results through well-known Windows applications

SAS® Office Analytics a hit with midsize businesses, now available for large organizations and workgroups

Large enterprises can now deploy a popular Windows business intelligence solution from SAS, the leader in business analytics software and services, that had previously only been available to midsize businesses.

SAS® Office Analytics enables organizations and workgroups of all sizes whose business platform is Windows to provide powerful SAS Analytics in a self-service environment. No longer do they require anything more than an initial jump-start from IT.

"BI via familiar Microsoft Office interfaces like email, PowerPoint, and Excel is one way to deliver self-service, pervasive business intelligence. SAS Office Analytics does precisely that," said Cindi Howson, founder of BI Scorecard. "That SAS has made this product more accessible to large and small enterprises alike, without having to buy the full BI platform, is good news for customers."

Business professionals can access the BI solution within Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations or Word documents. Information consumers without analytics expertise can also access vital intelligence through an Outlook mail client or a SharePoint portal.

"SAS Office Analytics has been a hit with our midsize customers since it was first introduced. Their key executives and managers needed useful intelligence but may have not had the skills to gather and manage the data needed for informed decisions," said Jim Davis, SAS Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer.

"SAS Office Analytics has the power to distribute intelligence through office applications familiar to most business users. We're now providing this to larger enterprises and workgroups within those organizations," he said.

SAS Office Analytics is an easy-to-use toolset to access SAS through Windows. Business analysts and others can quickly perform queries, apply advanced analytics, create reports and then share the results, providing management with the basis for forward-looking decisions. The SAS software offers a self-sufficient and transparent path to analytics in very familiar Microsoft Office application interfaces.

Execs in data driver's seat

"In a business like ours, it's important to operate at maximum efficiency," said Mike Swinson, Vice President of Analytics, Research and Development at TrueCar, an online car pricing and forecasting service. "We work with a lot of data and need to analyze it quickly and effectively. With SAS Office Analytics, we're able to compile data from multiple sources and get it in front of the right people in less than an hour – a task that once took nine hours."

TrueCar executives can now access predictive insights – such as the effect of marketing spending on site traffic – in a self-service manner without continual support from the technology staff. Summary information on new car pricing is available for meetings with media, business partners and investors.

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