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The data provided is publicly available historical race data spanning from 2001-2017, which has been loaded onto a SAS Viya Platform as provided by SAS Partners Sopra Steria.

We are interested in what you can find out by interrogating the data and what patterns and answers you can unearth. Can you interrogate the data to predict future performance and provide British Rowing with useful information that could influence their approach to racing?

We’re looking for historical analysis of this data with specific focus on race profiles from:

  • An event (type, location etc)
  • Boat class (types/changes in race profile over time, key profile attributes of successful or unsuccessful crews)
  • Nations (trends/changes in race profile over time by different countries)
  • Individual rowers (eg does the presence of a particular rower influence the result or race profile of a crew).

We want you to tell us your own conclusions but some questions to consider:

  • Do the performances through the World Cup series allow predictions of World Championship/Olympic Games performance to be made in different boat classes?
  • There are some gaps in the data set - intermediate splits and names in particular. The FISA website (www.worldrowing.com) has a complete set of results (going back to 1896!) Can you fill in the gaps?

You will have 3 days to access the data environment – between Wednesday, 30th August, 2017 – to Friday 1st September 2017. You may submit your proposal any time before 9:00 a.m. Monday 4th September 2017.

Your entry can be submitted as a document, video, presentation…the format is up to you, but we’re looking for imagination and for you to show off your data analytics skills.


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