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A series of Webex to learn, interact and exchange views with SAS

SAS offers you a new monthly meeting of 45 minutes via Webex to learn, interact and exchange views with SAS experts on a specific technical subject or a business topic.

eBoosters Schedule

Web seminar schedule: various dates across 2018
Tuesday 21st November 2017Intro to the ebooster series, and SAS Viya, the journey so far - VIEW RECORDING
Join us for this first session of the eBooster series to get an overview of Viya architecture and the journey so far.
Wednesday 6th December 2017The integration of open source in the SAS world - VIEW RECORDING
We will discuss the use cases when code written in open source languages such as Python, Lua, R and Java can be executed in SAS along with a quick demonstration of the capability.
Wednesday 10th January 2018Visual Analytics 8.2 new features and roadmap - VIEW RECORDING
we will be introducing you to the new features of recently released SAS Visual Analytics version 8.2 and describe how can you get access to the new software.
Wednesday 31st January 2018Data management with SAS Viya - VIEW RECORDING | VIEW SLIDES
SAS released two new product offerings along with the latest SAS Viya 3.3 architecture in December 2017 – "SAS Data Quality" and "SAS Data Preparation". These offerings enable business users and data scientists interactive, real-time blending, shaping, and cleansing of data on SAS Viya. Learn about the new offerings in this session.
Wednesday 14th February 2018Visual Statistics and Visual Machine Learning - VIEW RECORDING
The arrival of SAS® Viya ™ offers new possibilities for the entire range of SAS Visual products. Come discover SAS® Visual Statistics® and how to use Machine Learning Algorithms in this latest release of SAS’ new cloud offering.
Thursday 1st March 2018SAS® Visual Investigator overview - VIEW RECORDING | VIEW SLIDES
Introduction to this new product that runs on SAS® Viya Cloud architecture, with use cases that cover fraud and other areas. A disruptive and innovative tool that provides a single work bench for the data investigation user and use cases.
Wednesday 14th March 2018Streaming and SAS on the edge – IOT
SAS’ latest releases provide API’s and the ability to run analytics on the edge, in-device, real-time and embedded within a stream of data. Use cases cover Fraud, Manufacturing, Sensors and Devices, Automotive, Retail, Banking, Capital Markets and more.
Wednesday 11th April 2018Analytics & Sports Data - Could Neymar's injury be prevented? - VIEW RECORDING | VIEW SLIDES
Using SAS to enable a single point of exploration, discovery and insight for all player data within a football club.
Thursday 26th April 2018SAS Partner Resources for Training and Accessing Software
As part of the partnership agreement, SAS makes available a website (the PartnerNet) and an application cloud (The Partner Demo Center). Discover all these resources and how to access them.
Wednesday 2nd May 2018Analytical Data Preparation on SAS Viya
Wednesday 16th May 2018Data Discovery with SAS Viya - VIEW RECORDING
Large Scale, Automated Time-Series Forecasting with SAS Visual Forecasting on SAS Viya
Wednesday 4th July 2018Simulating the Monopoly Board Game with SAS
This webinar will deal with a case study from the presenter's most recent book that shows how SAS can be used to simulate the Monopoly Board Game.
  • Understanding complex systems with simulation studies
  • Case study: Simulate Monopoly with SAS
Wednesday 18th July 2018Data Quality for Analytics using SAS
  • Definition and Dimensions
  • DQ Profiling and Improving for Analytics
  • Consequences of poor DQ – Simulation Studies
Wednesday 1st August 2018Data Preparation for Analytics using SAS
  • Do’s and Don’ts when building data marts
  • Building a customer data mart

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