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Informal Private Lunch at Scott's | London W1

Thursday 21st May - 12 noon until 14:30

SAS would like to invite you to an informal private lunch at Scott's, in London W1 on Thursday 21st May from 12 noon until 14:30 where we will discuss how analytics drives better business intelligence.

Speed to insight has become a major competitive differentiator. But data is valuable only if the presentation, and sharing of critical information can be accelerated. The old world of IT maintained, slow to report and complex to change Business Intelligence is changing. A new generation of flexible, fast, powerful but easy-to-use data visualisation software has arrived.

If you resonate with any of the following then this lunch is for you;

  • Struggling with your existing Business Intelligence tools?
  • Do you prefer to consume information visually?
  • Don't want to rely on specialists to update reports?
  • Want a single version of the truth?
  • Need something that is scalable as your business grows and you rely on more and more information and reporting to make decisions?

SAS will host the lunch, and give you a 15 minute demonstration to give you the complete visual experience, show you how our data discovery and predictive analytics includes a BI dashboard with forecasting and optimisation.

We look forward to welcoming you on the day.

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