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You already know that your time and investment in SAS Professionals Convention will pay for itself and then some. But you still might need to convince your manager that it's the best way to make sure your organisation is getting the most out of its SAS investment.

Simply refer to the below pre-written 'Justify Your Trip' messaging outlining the key benefits of attending.


Dear Manager,
I'd like to attend the upcoming SAS® Professionals Convention, 24-26 June, 2014 in Marlow. It's the best way to make sure we're getting the most out of our SAS investment. The SAS Professionals Convention is an education-focused and energy-packed conference featuring the best and brightest SAS users and experts from industries all over the UK, Ireland and beyond. What makes this conference special?

  • Customisable agenda. The flexible format allows me to choose topics that are relevant to my role and skill level
  • SAS Certification. I have the opportunity to take one of six SAS certifications, with a pre-exam study pack. This ensures that I get practical knowledge and experience that I can bring back and share
  • Professional development. Three days offer ample opportunities to discover new ideas and make connections with peers
  • Affordable. There are several pricing options, such as day passes and team discounts, to fit our organisation's budget. Plus, meals are included in the conference fee
  • Big names speaking. Including HSBC, Barclays, Thomas Cook, Haven Holidays, Ecclesiastical Insurance, Zenith Insurance and more
  • Hear about the latest developments. Including analytics, risk, fraud and customer intelligence
  • Keep up with the trends. Learn about the latest technology trends, such as Hadoop, and how to upgrade and modernise your SAS estate.

I can apply what I learn to the following projects:

  • Project 1.
  • Project 2.

By attending, I am serving as an ambassador for our organisation and recognise the importance of this responsibility. I will provide a post-conference summary and can debrief our team on what I learned.

At the SAS Professionals Convention , I'll be able to learn more, develop my career and networks with others to get new ideas and perspectives. You can learn more about the conference at www.sas.com/uk/sasprofs2014 . Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to your reply.

Your Name

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