The SAS UK and Ireland Webinar Series provides regular updates on today's hot business issues and innovations.

Discover how organisations around the world are meeting strategic challenges using cutting edge solutions from SAS.

SAS Visual Analytics

18 June 2014

Learn how you can:

  • Transform thousands of possibilities into one picture
  • Conduct fast, thorough visual explorations on all your data
  • Answer complex questions faster Build reports and share meaningful business insights
  • Surface the information on your mobile device, on demand
  • Provide business leaders with a new way to access information.


Making Data Governance a reality; visualise and collaborate with your data.

24 June 2014

If your organisation struggles with data problems, chances are a lack of data is not the issue. Rather, it's ensuring that your decisions makers understand and have confidence in the data they are using.

Learn how you can:

  • How can I build a common understanding about data between IT and business functions?
  • How do I know that my data is trustworthy?
  • Can I further the regulatory compliance efforts of my organisation through data governance?


How SAS analytics changes the way organisations work

25 June 2014

How SAS analytics changes the way organisations work.

Learn how you can:

  • How have cross-industry organisations benefitted from using business analytics software to address business challenges and transform their data into predictive insights about company performance?
  • What business issues could my organisation solve with business analytics software within areas such as Risk, Fraud, Customer Intelligence, Demand Forecasting, Data Management and Data Visualisation?
  • Who is SAS, why is it the leader in business analytics software and services and how can my organisation deploy and access SAS in a way that works best for us - private clouds, enterprise hosting, running on a grid, running in Amazon's web services, more?


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