Mads Krogh
Fraud Analytics Expert

Mads Krogh

Mads Krogh is driven by his enthusiasm for the possibilities in data mining and explorative analytics to detect and prevent fraud, non-compliance and waste in transaction driven companies as well as in government. Besides working as a EMEA-wide expert with a long list of SAS clients, his dedication drives him to contribute his knowledge of the issue in blogs, white papers and as a participant in the public debate and as a conference speaker on fraud analytics and cybercrime. He has demonstrated how analytics can help uncover tax evasion, money laundering, and fraudulent social benefit claims.

Mads is specialized in Datamining, Fraud and Behavioral Analytics, Systems Architecture, Cybersecurity, and Risk Analysis, with a special knowledge on government. Before joining SAS in 2012, Mads was a Business Advisor on fraud in the Danish Public sector and led a mixed team of business and statistics experts in the Danish Tax Authority that founded its data mining competencies.

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