Gert Nissen
SAS Software Expert

Gert Nissen

When you work with data, you know that not everything is perfect all the time. Being a problem solver and finding new ways to knowledge is Gert Nissen’s specialty. Before joining SAS in 2008, Gert worked in systems development and analysis primarily in the financial sector and has worked with SAS Software for almost 25 years. Today, Gert works with the SAS Software user community including the Nordic FANS to ensure they maximise the value of their SAS prod ucts to support decision making and various processes. He helps users find the best solutions to challenges while keeping data quality pristine.

In his capacity of deep SAS Software expert, Gert gives workshops, webinars and lectures many times every year, providing hands-on and practical advice for user groups on how to do analytics even better. From tips and tricks to detailed tech backgrounders, Gert is the machine room expert for SAS technology.

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