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Corporate Social Innovation

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Securing the Future

Since 1976, commitment to employees, communities, education and the environment has been rooted in our DNA. It drives the innovation that we provide to our customers and makes a positive impact on the world.

We recognize that our customers’ businesses rely on relationship stability and strength in tenure to deliver trusted expertise and innovation. With remarkably low employee turnover, SAS retains our subject matter experts and the trusted advisers critical to our customers’ business needs.

SAS' world-renowned workplace culture has always directly contributed to innovation and satisfied customers. Because we keep our employees nurtured at all stages of their careers, they remain motivated, creative and loyal.

Analysts estimate that SAS annually saves millions of dollars on recruitment and training costs associated with low turnover. Couple that savings with a high annual revenue reinvestment in R&D, and it’s easy to see how our commitment to our people and their work directly influences the relationships and innovation we provide to our customers.

Beyond innovation, SAS has always been committed to three things: treating employees well, environmentally friendly practices and giving back to education.

Jenn Mann, Executive Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer

In 2017, efforts around corporate social responsibility landed SAS among People magazine “Companies That Care” and Fortune’s list of companies that “Change the World.”

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Renewable energy generated annually from solar installations.

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On-site charging stations for plug-in electric vehicles.


Users of free Curriculum Pathways® (P-12).


Of all office and data center space at SAS world headquarters is LEED® certified. SAS remains dedicated to green building standards, aspiring to LEED certification in both new construction and renovations.

Data do-gooders

Data scientists across more than 70 countries.

Over 3,000

Education institutions using, teaching and learning with SAS®.

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