On-Demand Webinar

Breaking Down AI Capabilities for IT: What to Know About Forecasting

Learn about the technical requirements of forecasting through the lens of IT management.


About the webinar

Forecasting is the process of using past and present data to predict future events.

By adding AI capabilities, you can automatically produce large-scale time series analysis and hierarchical forecasts – without human involvement.

The benefits of this are obvious, but what may not be so clear are the implications that deploying forecasting and AI will have on IT.

In this webinar we’ll explore how to plan for forecasting, as well as the technical requirements that IT management must consider.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Examples of forecasting learning being used today.
  • The typical technical requirements of AI software for forecasting.
  •  How those requirements affect issues for IT, such as: computing policies, processes, staffing and training, data management, privacy and security, accommodating open source software and cloud-based solutions in your stack.

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About the Experts

Jennifer Nenadic, Director of Enterprise Data and Analytics in IT, SAS

Joe Katz, Forecasting Product Manager, SAS