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Transform Policing With Analytics and Evidence-Based Practices - A Canadian Perspective

Learn how using evidence-based practices and advanced analytics can help law enforcement make better decisions and improve outcomes for both agencies and the communities they serve.

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About the webinar

Evidence-based policing is a modern framework that enables the use of research findings to develop strategies that are best designed to reduce crime and disorder while maintaining the trust and confidence of the public.

Building trust in the digital era requires new ways to engage with the public such as building a relationship based on transparency and collaboration. Policing is fast evolving, and new generations of leadership usher in new technologies while learning to navigate pre-existing rigid mentalities. We explore these challenges and the drivers of change.

Shaping of the future police workforce will require technical expertise, along-side traditional skills that are aligned with new emerging technologies and evidence based policing principles. We discuss the bridge between technology and analytics and how it enables more timely and accurate decision-making in policing.

Why attend?

  • Learn how to develop a culture of true analytics and evidence-based policing.
  • Generate strong sustainable relationships that build public trust in the digital era.
  • Discover how evidence based policing principles and analytics are addressing policing challenges.

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About the Experts

Phil Thibodeau
Senior Business Development Executive for Justice & Public Safety, SAS

Former Assistant Commissioner, Royal Canadian Mounted Police with over 35 years of policing experience.


Steve Shirley
Director of Public Safety Solutions. SAS

Director, Public Safety Solutions with over 25 years of designing and delivering technology solutions to the Law Enforcement profession.

Joanne Crampton
Senior Advisor Security and Justice, Deloitte Canada

Former Assistant Commissioner, Royal Canadian Mounted Police with over 30 years of policing experience.

Natalie Hiltz
Acting Inspector, Duty Inspectors Office, Peel Regional Police, ON, Canada

A member of the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police Evidence Based Policing Working Group, responsible for organizing the first EBP Conference in Canada. 

Alex Murray
Commander, MET Police Violence Lead, UK

Key leader in evidence based policing and Chair of Society of Evidence Based Policing.