On-Demand Webinar

Lunch Webinar Series - S2, Ep3

A Beginner's Guide to SAS Date and Time Variables, Functions, and Formats

About the webinar

One of the most difficult things for beginners to learn is how SAS handles date values, date/time values and time values. This talk will help beginners identify which SAS variables contain dates, date/time values and time values, and also help understand how formatting of these variables works.

Join us to learn how to:

  • Identify which variables are date values, date/time values or time values
  • Work with SAS functions INTNX and INTCK to change the values into a date (or date/time or time) in the past or future and compute number of time intervals
  • Show how formats and informats can change the appearance of the value

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About the Expert

Paige Miller

Paige Miller received a bachelor’s degree in statistics and master’s degree in statistics from the University at Buffalo. He has worked as a statistician for the US Department of Labor, Eastman Kodak, Truesense Imaging, ON Semiconductor and currently works for M&T Bank in Buffalo, NY as a Credit Risk Analyst.