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Sense, Understand and Act on IoT Data in Real-Time

Harnessing your data streams in real-time

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About the webinar

Organizations are investing heavily to collect and store as much data as possible in order to gain a competitive advantage. The explosion of machine, device, and sensors are providing significant opportunity. However, many organizations also face substantial challenges if they are not prepared to handle the four V4 (Volume, Variety, Velocity, Veracity) of their data streams. 

We will look at use cases and a few industry examples that illustrate the impact of data streams, and how you can manage and make sense of them.

Enjoy a digital, complimentary copy of the white paper “Understanding Data Streams in IoT” and see how harnessing your data streams in real-time can help.

The webinar will explore how you can easily:

  1. Detect events of interest and trigger appropriate action
  2. Monitor, cleanse, and validate sensor data
  3. Enable real-time predictive and optimized operations

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Enjoy a digital, complimentary copy from SAS and Pinnacle Solutions.  “Understanding Data Streams in IoT”.

About the Experts

DJ Penix
President and Founder, Pinnacle Solutions Inc.

2021 SASGF Hackathon – Category finalists and Multiple Award Winner 

DJ Penix is the President and founder of Pinnacle Solutions Inc., a SAS Resell Partner and a SAS Gold Partner. Founded in 1996, Pinnacle Solutions has been building prominent analytic, reporting, and data management solutions for 25 years in various industries including manufacturing, pharmaceutical, health & life sciences, insurance, hospitality & entertainment, financial, retail, education, and government. Back in 2014, DJ led the company’s efforts to expand the business and to provide cloud enabled solutions. A formalized partnership with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure augmented the already long standing partnership with SAS, one of the most prominent advanced analytic and reporting platforms since the late 1970s. Today, DJ has expanded the business to provide a wide range of leading edge cloud analytic services which include IoT, Forecasting, Data Mining, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. DJ graduated from Kalamazoo College with a B.S. in both Mathematics and Computer Science.

Saurabh Mishra
SAS – Sr. Manager, Industry Consulting - IoT

Saurabh is responsible for driving product strategy for building the next generation of Analytical solutions for the Internet of Things at SAS. He is also responsible for creating an effective technology eco-system with SAS partners to support a seamless go-to-market path. He works closely with customers and partners to understand market requirements and helps them drive business value with SAS IoT solutions. Saurabh’s area of expertise includes Cloud and Edge AI solutions for IoT.

Scott Koval
Senior Data Scientist, Pinnacle Solutions, Inc.

Scott Koval is a Senior Data Scientist at Pinnacle Solutions, Inc. He has a B.S. in Psychology from Virginia Tech, a M.A. in Experimental Psychology from Radford University, and a M.S. in Applied Statistics from Kennesaw State University and has been programming with SAS for 12-years. Over this time, Scott has achieved 5 SAS certifications including Base Programming, Advanced Programming, Business Analytics, Data Mining, and Data Stewardship. Scott enjoys working with big data and machine learning to provide solutions to complex problems.